Monday, March 22, 2010


What to say about Jack...well not much. I think the pictures say it all. We are having so much fun!


I must say I had a really good recovery from surgery and a very nice scar....don't you think? Jack would get in bed with me and take naps. I loved it. Once I started feeling better, the hair came off. 19 inches. It felt great.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

school play

Izac was in his school play and did an awesome job!

Dannie and her hair

So, Dannie loves to do her hair. Sometimes it takes awhile to take it out...but for the mot part she does a great job. Except for the time she decided to give herself a haircut. I have read it on my other friends blogs and was counting down the day when it would be my turn and it happened. She cut a chunk under each ear; giving herself a mullet. So, we added bangs to help with the blow, but as you can tell in the pictures if her hair is not done she is a mullet girl.