Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Meet the newest member of our family "Duke".  Duke loves to play with the kids, sleep, and pee (all the time and anywhere...he is getting better though) He loves visits to the vet when he gets stung by a bee and has an abases.  But most of all he loves to sing with the kids.  I love to hear Dannie singing with Duke through her window when is suppose to be taking a nap.


My Izac is growing up, lost all his front teeth and checking the other ones everyday.  He has graduated from Kindergarten, is in summer school, and working hard to save money for a DS.  He is a really good big brother who gets yelled at by his sister and is always running after Jack(who generally attacks him in the process...poor Izac).


Dannie is all about dresses, pink purses, and makeup.  I am sure you get the picture.  We are now picking out our own outfits for the day!  She is a lot like her mom in more ways than one.


Jack is getting big and very independent.  He is total boy who loves to pick on his big sister, play with swords, and try to ride his dog Duke's back.