Monday, November 8, 2010

Last few months

So, in the last few months we have been busy, but have had fun. We kidnaped Izac for his birthday and took him to Disneyland, I ran a 5 mile race 10 week prego in 50min(and threw up none stop the next day and still haven't stop since then), Izac and Dannie's first days of school, Jack be being bored with everyone gone and falling asleep standing up with his head on bananas and marshmallows, making gingerbread haunted houses, birthdays, and halloween. We love you all!



Sara Hadlow said...

sounds fun! whats your actual due date?

Whitnie said...

Cute Kins!!! Love it!

Jodi and Josh said...

Wow! Crazy fun and busy!!
Miss you guys!